Brent Hallard

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WAVE is the first exhibition for the BSA Exhibition Space for 2018 and kicks off another great exhibition calendar with an explosion of colour. Local artist, writer and curator Brent Hallard has pulled together some of the best artists currently working in hard-edged abstraction in Australia.  

“All artists’ practice ‘wave’ at the icons of Abstraction, while making deeply personal and invigorating work”, says Brent, “they all have a common interest in the potency of reductive practice and colour nuances, not to mention a love for the Northern Rivers area itself!” 

You can hear the passion Brent has for the contributing artists as he describes their work. Suzie Idiens’ surfboard-like surfaces, with their nuanced colour and elegantly simple sculptural forms play with the physical impact colour can have on us. And Peter Burgess’ ‘simple wordplay activates an almost mediative state of mind where meaning loses its duality through the interaction of colour of the word and its background.’ The exhibition also includes artist, musician and filmmaker Kyle Jenkins, whose conceptual focus ‘waves at’ abstraction for its unadulterated simplicity, while using colour that engages the viewer at the purely retinal level. And finally, Emma Coulter’s bold and bright ‘spatial deconstructions’ work with ‘the idea of interactivity where the architectural elements become part of the sculpture’.

“This is one show we really want people to come and celebrate with us on opening night. We are so excited to have these artists show in the space as they each bring an approach to painting that isn’t often seen in the area” says BSA Project Coordinator, Meredith Cusack “We’ll be launching our 2018 exhibition program as well, so people will get a chance to see what else is coming up”.